The Treasurer’s Department is responsible for collection, disbursement and custody of all revenues belonging to and held in trust by the Township.  All funds collected by Township agencies are transmitted to the Treasurer where they are verified, deposited and entered into the Township’s financial records.

Based on information provided by the Township Assessor, the Treasurer issues the real and personal property tax bills to the property and business owners that reside in Roscommon Township.

The Treasurer also issues dog licenses to residents. For more information on rates, click here.

Mary Ann Hose is your Roscommon Township Treasurer.


The 2019 Summer Taxes will be mailed June 28, 2019 and can be paid July 1, 2019 – September 16, 2019. Beginning September 17 and each month thereafter, interest will be charged. (Sept 1%, Oct 2%, Nov 3%, Dec 4%, Jan 5%, Feb 6%) Taxes can be paid at the Township Hall until March 2, 2020. 

2019 Winter Tax Bills will be mailed out November 29, 2019 and are payable through February 14, 2020 without interest or penalty. Starting February 15 – March 2 interest and penalty apply (1% interest and 3% penalty). After March 2, 2020, please call Roscommon County Treasurer at (989) 275-5823 with any questions. 

School taxes are collected on the Winter 2019 tax bill. 

To view more information on Property tax, click here.