The Ordinance Enforcement Department is responsible for enforcing both the general and zoning ordinances, and the maintenance of all enforcement records. We are dedicated to keeping Roscommon Township one of the most beautiful communities within Roscommon County. With the cooperation of Township residents we will continue to keep Roscommon Township a clean, healthy, and safe place to live. 

Rob Christian is your Roscommon Township Ordinance Officer. Rob can be contacted at the Township Hall at 989-422-4116, .

Below is a list of the ordinances within our Township. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Ensures no unreasonable or improper noise or disturbance, injurious to the health, peace or quiet of the residents and property owners of the Township of Roscommon.

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Provides for the regulation and control of the storage, accumulation and disposition of junk, trash, rubbish, the maintenance of slighted structures and other blighted factors. Preserves peace, health, safety and general welfare of the community by abatement of nuisances.

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Regulates burning to protect the health, safety and welfare of Roscommon Township residents.

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Provides cemetery lots and burial spaces information. The fee schedule is now available.

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Limits and governs the use of docks at the ends of public streets, leading to lakes in the Township of Roscommon and to regulate parking on streets approaching such docks.

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A garage sale, yard sale, porch sale or any other sale offering incidental and sundry items for sale must abide by this ordinance. 

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“Hardship” refers to a condition in which the combined income of all owners of a Principal Residence meet the federal poverty income guidelines. Township Board has authority to permit by reason of hardship the partial or total deferment of payment of special assessments imposed. Download the application to apply for a one year financial hardship deferral of special assessment.

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Provides for the establishment, control and regulation of house numbering display within Roscommon Township. 

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This Ordinance is intended to protect the public health, safety, and general welfare of persons and property by requiring the licensing of Short-Term Rentals within the Township.  This Ordinance is also intended to protect the integrity, permanence, non-transience, and other essential single-family qualities of residential neighborhoods composed primarily of single-family Dwellings.

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Governs the cutting of grass and cutting down and destruction of noxious weeds within the Township of Roscommon.  

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An Ordinance to establish zoning districts and regulations governing the development and use of land within the zoning jurisdiction of Roscommon Township in accordance with the provisions of the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act; to further the goals and objectives set forth in the Master Plan adopted in accordance with the Michigan Planning Enabling Act; to provide for regulations governing nonconforming uses and structures; to provide for a Board of Appeals and for its powers and duties; to provide for a Planning Commission and for its powers and duties; to provide for permits, fees, penalties and other administrative provisions to enforce this Ordinance; to provide regulations regarding conflicts with other ordinances or regulations; and to provide for the repeal and replacement of the prior zoning ordinance.

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