Short-Term Rental

Short-Term Rentals ARE allowed in Roscommon Township and applications are now being accepted.  Please refer to Ordinance #81 for further information on requirements for Short-Term Rentals.  To download an application, please follow the link below.  Applications can also be picked-up at the Township Hall during business hours.  Please submit your application in-person or by mailing to :  PO Box 610, Houghton Lake, MI  48629.

Click Here for Short-Term Rental Application


Land Use Permit Applicationdocument icon 

Building additions, decks, sheds, fences, etc.: Permits are required for any building or addition to buildings, such as decks or porches.

Demolition: The same permit is required when a building, including sheds, or additions are demolished. This ensures that it gets removed from your taxes.

For instructions on filling out the land use permit application, see this document: Land Use Permit Application Instructions. Submit it in person at the Township Hall.


Burning permits can be obtained from the DNR-E by calling 1-866-922-2876 or online at

  • Residents will be issued a permit number after the recorded message or online.
  • Residents are no longer required to call the Township.
  • Permits are not required for campfires.
  • The Township prefers brush be taken to the Transfer Station on Tower Hill Rd.
  • Burning must be 50′ from any building or structure.
  • Burning must be 15′ from any trees, shrubs, tall grass, or debris.
  • Fire MUST be attended.
  • Items to extinguish fire must be readily available.
  • Absolutely no burning of building materials, plastics, or trash. 
  • Logs and/or brush only.

Garage sale permits are available at the Township Hall.  Residents are allowed three garage sales per calendar year. Please visit the Township office to acquire this free permit.

Click here to view the Garage Sale Ordinance.